Post-Super Bowl Excuses for Your Boss

super bowl excuses Oh those clever folks at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution! Knowing that a lot of their readers would be groggy and discombobulated at work the day after the Super Bowl, one enterprising columnist by the name of Alexis Stevens asked her Twitter followers to help compile a list of excuses to give their boss this Monday morning. The following ranked as some of the best:

  • "I've caught the rare SB45 flu."
  • "I broke a tooth opening a beer bottle. I'll need emergency dental surgery."
  • "Food poisoning from too much Black Eyed Peas. No work for me today!"
  • "Joe Buck told me not to work."
  • "My dog has a headache."
  • "I'm deaf after losing all hope for the future of music after the halftime show."
  • "I came down with Fergalicious fever."
  • "I was kidnapped by two intoxicated, rogue, boxhead, dancer robots and was forced to drive around and lovingly feed them popcorn."

To read more clever quips for the boss when you're experiencing an after-the-Super-Bowl hangover, go to Or feel free to add your own below.

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