FrontierVille: Pony Express Collection is the Postcard Collection

After a few snags, the Pony Express has finally launched in full in FrontierVille, and along with it comes the ability to earn collectibles. For starters, if you're having trouble building the Pony Express building, or completing the accompanying goals, check out our full guide.

That out of the way, after you complete the construction of the Pony Express, and you start to collect mail from the building through Daily Bonuses and Special Deliveries, you'll likely come across a few collectibles. However, these items won't be a part of a new collection (trust us - there is no "Pony Express Collection" even available in the game) - instead, FrontierVille Legend has found that you'll receive postcards from the incredibly difficult-to-complete Postcard Collection.

The five items in this collection all deal with American travels, so it only makes sense that the Pony Express would be created to offer these items. Here's a rundown of what to look for:

Baltimore Postcard
Boston Postcard
New York Postcard
Philadelphia Postcard
Richmond Postcard

The rewards for finishing this collection are three tools and a free Seed Drill. The prizes may not be much to be excited about, but being able to finally say that you've completed this collection seems pretty worth it.

Have you already completed your Pony Express? Have you started earning these items in FrontierVille yet? Let us know in the comments.