FrontierVille Peach Cobbler Issues: Just a typo, sorry folks

Peach Pie
Peach Pie

The land expansion Goals have dropped in FrontierVille, but several players have reported issues to FrontierVille Info. More specifically, there seems to be a problem with the Goal titled "Reach an Agreement" within the 35x35 Land Expansion series. Players have reported that no matter how many Peach Cobblers they amass for the eight required, they're simply not enough to complete the Goal.

Whoops, that was just a typo, according to FrontierVille forum moderator NikkiKing. Zynga's bad, guys--the required item is actually eight Peach Pies and was entered in error when first placed into the game. That's cool, it's not as if we didn't spend all weekend collecting cobblers when we should have been grabbing pies. Granted, they both come from harvesting Peach Trees, but it's said that Pies are far more difficult to find than Cobblers. Isn't Cobbler good enough?

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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