Spend those free Facebook Credits before they expire Feb. 15

Facebook Credits
You freeloaders better get to spending fast, because any Facebook Credits received for free from Facebook will expire Feb. 15. The company has been doling out Credits for about six months as it solidified five-year exclusivity deals with several developers including Zynga, Playfish and Playdom. All Facebook reports that the social network is killing the free credits because the idea behind the promotions was to spur in-app (ahem, in-game) spending, not hoarding.

However, Inside Facebook reports that this change will only effect a small number of the lazier folks to receive promotions. All Facebook guesses that this implies that Credits will only be removed from accounts that have yet to long into a Facebook app since receiving the free Credits. Of course, this has yet to be seen.

Clearly this all ties back into Facebook's July 1 deadline for all applications on the platform, including games, to use Facebook Credits as their one and only currency. Console gamers will already be used to this type of transition given how many of you are used to buying games and expansion packs through services like the Xbox Game Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. But for terribly non-traditional gamers on Facebook, the company is doing everything it can to educate them in time for the change.

Even if you're a frequent Facebook gamer, I would recommend spending those free Credits as soon as possible to play it safe. Refilling the old Energy bar once or twice never hurt anyone, huh? Or maybe it's time to indulge in one of those lovely Unwither Rings.

Do you have a load of free Facebook Credits sitting in your account? What do you plan to blow them on before Feb. 15? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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