FarmVille Valentine Trees: Chocolate Heart Tree, Cocoa Tree, and new giant trees


In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of not just two new trees to the game, but actually four entirely new trees, all of which fit into the current Valentine's Day theme of limited edition items. While these trees are technically the same two types, you'll have a chance to choose from either a normal sized tree, or a giant version of that tree.

To be specific, the two tree types are the Chocolate Heart Tree and the Cocoa Tree. Both can be purchased for 5 Farm Cash each. If you'd rather skip these smaller trees and go straight for the big boys, you can also purchase a Giant Chocolate Heart Tree for 10 Farm Cash, or a Giant Cocoa Tree for 5 Farm Cash.

Regardless of the tree you choose to purchase, they all come with the same technical stats: You'll earn 15 experience points for purchasing them, and they can be harvested from once every two days, giving you 150 coins for each tree you harvest. Likewise, all four are masterable, with the first star of mastery for each tree coming after 75 harvests.

All four of these trees will be available in the game for the next two weeks, giving you plenty of time to not only purchase them, but also enjoy them as part of the Valentine's Day theme. If you're looking for a cheap gift idea for the FarmVille player in your life, these trees seem like they would be a perfect choice. After all, they're cheap (in terms of Farm Cash items), and they'll give your sweetie (or just a friend) never-ending profit so long as they keep the tree on their farm. How can you go wrong with that?

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Let us know which of these trees you're going to purchase for your farm. Do you like the new theme of giant trees in the game, or would you rather Zynga stick with the smaller trees in the future. Let us know in the comments.