FarmVille Valentine Decorations: Sweet Store, Chocolate Waterfall, Giant Candy Flower


It looks as though FarmVille's Valentine's Day theme might actually be winding down (or at least hitting a bit of a slow patch), as tonight's game update only brought with it three new decorative items - one building and two true decorations - however, this isn't say they are any less cute.

The new building, as an example, is the Sweet Store, which we were given a sneak peek of via Zynga's latest Valentine's Day showcase video. The building, as you'd expect, is only available for Farm Cash - 18 Farm Cash, to be exact. It is a medium-sized building, which has about the same footprint on your farm as a fully expanded Greenhouse, which was released just a few days ago. You'll earn 1800 experience points for purchasing the building, and it can not be decorated with snow or lights as of this writing.

As for the other two items, one in particular is one that looks much better actually sitting on your farm than it does in the store, while the other will be a treat for flower lovers. Find the full details about these two items behind the break.