FarmVille Valentine Animals: Chocolate Rabbit & Gumball Sheep


If you're in the mood to purchase even more love-inspired, Valentine's Day animals in FarmVille, then you're in luck as Zynga has released two such animals as part of tonight's FarmVille update. The two animals are the Chocolate Rabbit and the Gumball Sheep.

Both animals are unfortunately premium, and can only be purchased for Farm Cash. The Chocolate Rabbit costs 12 Farm Cash, while the Gumball Sheep costs 14 Farm Cash. Sheep lovers will be happy to know that this sheep comes with special animation, in the form of of the sheep quickly chewing on gum and then blowing a bubble with that gum. While we could discuss the thought of a sheep made of gum chewing gum itself, perhaps we should just skip it.

As it stands, the Chocolate Rabbit can be harvested from once every two days for a profit of 100 coins, while the Sheep takes three days to become harvestable, but you'll only earn 28 coins when collecting from it. Let's be honest though - would you really purchase something as cute as the Gumball Sheep because you were looking to make a profit off of it?

Both of these animals will be available in the game for the next two weeks, so be sure to shop now if you'd like to have them on your farm in time to still be relevant. Or, you could be like me and make a home for these animals all year round, but that's entirely up to you.

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Which of these two animals do you like more? Will you purchase both for your farm, or are you saving your Farm Cash for something else? Let us know in the comments.