FarmVille Facebook Game Requests missing, hundreds of items lost

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Well, at least this is the case for one FarmVille Freak blogger. Over the weekend, FarmVille Freak writer CabbagePatchKid found that many of his or her FarmVille game requests simply weren't appearing where they should if at all. So, the illustrious blogger decided to contact Zynga customer support and get to the bottom of the issue.
Empty Greenhouse
With brand new buildings including the Duck Pond, Greenhouse and Valentine's Day buildings, friends are essential at times like this to complete them. When CabbagePatchKid reported the issue, Zynga customer support representative Sarah responded:
Sarah T.: Hi, my name is Sarah T.. How may I help you?
CabbagePatchKid: For quite some time now I have been losing about 90% of my gifts. It has been very difficult for me to complete things, now especially with the 125 bonus limit.
CabbagePatchKid: Only a few of my gifts show up in the in game gift center, so all my neighbors time and mine is being wasted. Now as of tonight, I click on game requests and they all disappeared, and it continues to do that ( on facebook).
Sarah T.: Do you know what is exactly missing?
Sarah T.: I am sorry you are missing items.
CabbagePatchKid: I have lost a lot of gifts! Especially a lot of special delivery boxes, probably close to 100 this evening.
CabbagePatchKid: Why are game requests going missing from Facebook?
Sarah T.: We are currently working on getting this issue resolved with Facebook.
It appears that Zynga has confirmed that the issue is with Facebook and not FarmVille. As of yesterday, a fix to the problem was in the works and still is, according to Zynga community manager Voltai. Stay tuned for updates.

Have you experienced these errors over the weekend? If so, have you discovered any workarounds? How do you think Zynga should handle the losses for players? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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