FarmVille Mystery Game (02/06/11): Valentine's Day items Round 2


While last week's FarmVille Mystery Game took a bit of a break to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this week, we're back to having a chance to earn six new Valentine's Day themed items via the game. Back too is the normal price tag of 16 Farm Cash, which will earn you a single dart to throw at the balloon board where you'll have a chance to win one of the following six prizes:

Drive-In Theater
Gnome Bride
Love Bird Bath

Pink Stallion
Ballerina Hippo
Pink Heart Fountain

It should be noted that the Love Bird Bath is a re-release from last year's Valentine's Day event. The item was then available for 16 Farm Cash through the much more random Mystery Box.

Remember, the prize that you'll receive when playing the game will be random (that is, you can't simply choose from a list), and you'll need to stock up enough Farm Cash to play the game fast, as these prizes will only be available for one week's time, at which point another round of the Mystery Game will be launched filled with other items.

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Which of these items would you most like to add to your farm? Do you think 16 Farm Cash is a worthy price to pay, or should the Mystery Game be cheaper? Let us know in the comments.