FarmVille England Expansion saga continues


Back in the January 24 official FarmVille podcast, FarmVille community manager Lexilicious and her British friend Charles offered us a very quick sneak peek of new foreign content that would be added to the game. At the time, that was all we had to go on, but shortly thereafter, a sign advertising a trip to England was spotted as an unreleased image.

Now, that same sign has appeared on all farmers' land, similar to the CityVille billboard that appeared a few weeks ago. Does this sign mean we'll be able to travel to England in the incredibly near future? One would believe so. Clicking on the sign gives us a few slight details (although still vague) about this new expansion. Note: You can remove the sign by clicking on it and then clicking on the "Remove sign from farm?" toggle at the bottom of the pop-up window.

We're told that this feature will give us a "whole new way to play" FarmVille, and that it will indeed be a full "England Expansion." Furthermore, news, official sneak peeks, prizes, and more will be coming to the game "soon" to give us more details about what this entire expansion will entail.

As it stands, we're still fairly in the dark concerning this new expansion, but if assumptions hold true, this is looking to be an incredibly large feature in the game, so we can't wait to see what officially comes of it.

What are your theories concerning this new expansion? Do you think it will simply be a new neighbor to visit, or will there actually be activities to participate in once we get there? Let us know in the comments.