FarmVille encourages meetups in 250+ cities on February 27

FarmVille Meetup
FarmVille Meetup

Zynga has just announced a brand new meetup, and it's happening in the city near you. FarmVille is utilizing in order to connect players with each other for a real world meetup on February 27th. To participate, you simply need to visit this site to find the meetup that is closest to you. If you can find one, you can signup as an attendee so that others know you are coming. If you don't find a meetup in your area, you can start one and signup as the organizer for the group.

So far there are 250 meetups ranging from 1 attendee up to 8 attendees, however this was just announced and things are just getting started. There are meetups in large cities such as New York City and Las Vegas and smaller cities like Kenosha, WI. There are also meetups being formed outside the United States, such as Cairo and Sydney.

We're not exactly sure why February 27th was the chosen date, but it is a Sunday and is a few short weeks from now. For more information, view the official FarmVille blog.

Will you be attending a FarmVille meetup? Let us know what city you're going to in the comments!

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