'Every 30 Days' Key for Small Business Owners and Independents

small business calendarIf you own a small business or are thinking of starting one because you're having difficulty finding a job working for someone else, 2011 could be your year, according to small business marketing expert Mark LeBlanc, author of 'Growing Your Business!'

"There has never been a better time to be in business for yourself than right now because the opportunities are endless," says LeBlanc. "But," he warns, "you must be more innovative and creative than ever before."

"The secret to success lies in the phrase 'Every thirty days!' If small business owners market their programs, products and services in good times and bad, they will create a foundation for their success," he explains.

Small business owners and independent professionals must identify a mix of primary marketing strategies that can be implemented every 30 days. Possible strategies include direct mail, networking, advertising, publicity, telemarketing and social media. One key to success is to identify a number or a benchmark for measuring activities and tracking results. A lack of metrics will lead to lackluster results, low morale and kill a marketing program.

"Small businesses must market, educate and motivate their database of customers and prospects. Sending a monthly print or electronic newsletter is a good start, LeBlanc says. "But, if you segment your database by profit center and create categories within each profit center, you can send pinpointed messages to specific segments of your database."

LeBlanc suggests to "look for creative ways to serve the best of what different segments need and want. Your database of customers and prospects can be your greatest asset. Too often people take their customers for granted. Taking people for granted in today's competitive marketplace is simply entrepreneurial malpractice."

One of the ways you show them that you're not taking them for granted is by connecting with them every 30 days.

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