CityVille Get Noodle-ing & Time to Go Lunar Goals: Everything you need to know

As we told you over the weekend, Zynga has launched a Chinese / Lunar New Year themed set of missions in CityVille, the first of which rewarded you with the ability to purchase a new Noodle Shop from the store. Now, two more missions are available called "Get Noodle-ing" and "Time to Go Lunar," with the first requiring you to, you guessed it, purchase a Noodle Shop for your town.

There are two other tasks to complete as well. You can't simply build the Noodle Shop, but you must also collect from it a total of five times. You'll also need to mail your Lunar New Year presents at the Post Office (or simply collect the bonus from the Post Office two times).

The Noodle Shop itself can be purchased from the store for 4,000 coins, and it requires 90 Goods to operate. Simply wait for those goods to run out five times and you'll have this goal finished. The reward for this mission is a Dragon Dancers item. You can share free goods with your friends on your wall.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the second of these two goals.