CityVille: Bonuses being offered for first neighbor visits


If you didn't have any incentive to add new neighbors to your account in CityVille before, Zynga is hoping that a new change will be just the push you need to do so. From now on, the first time you visit a neighbor (that being the very first time after adding that user as a neighbor), you'll receive 500 bonus coins, 10 bonus experience points, and 10 free energy.

While those three items individually might not seem to amount to much, let's say you took advantage of this offer by adding ten new neighbors to your account. Suddenly, that 500 coins has turned into 5,000, the 10 energy has turned into 100 energy and the ten experience points has become 100 - not so shabby now, is it?

Remember, you might always be able to add new friends to you account by checking on the neighbors tab above the CityVille gameplay area. Here, you'll be able to see all of the users that have installed the game, but have yet to add you as a neighbor, and you can conveniently send them a neighbor request from this screen. Just don't forget to visit their city at least once to take advantage of these new bonuses!

What do you think of these new rewards for visiting neighbors? Will you add new neighbors just to earn bonus XP or coins? Let us know in the comments.