The Buy Back Program at Best Buy: Is It Worth it?

Best Buy Buy Back program
Best Buy Buy Back program

On paper, Best Buy's new Buy Back program sounds pretty great: Use a product for a couple of months or years, then sell it back to the store when you want to upgrade to the "latest and greatest technology." That way, you can protect your investment and try out a new gadget. But is the program really a good deal? And who really ends up profiting -- you or the store?

The program, which requires a one-time fee of $69.99 per gadget (the program is free this week only), allows users to resell electronics that are in good condition, offering a set, guaranteed payback for trade-ins. While the ability to resell gadgets is not new -- sites like eBay are where they are today thanks to consumers reselling their electronics, and there are plenty of third-party resellers that pay cash for your outdated laptop, phone or TV. What is new is an electronics retailer that makes the resale process part of the purchase price.

But is an investment in the Best Buy Buy Back program, really worth it? Here are 10 things you should consider.