Facebook-heavy Angry Birds Valentine's Day Edition hits app stores

Angry Birds Like
Just as predicted last week, the Valentine's Day edition of Angry Birds has hit the Apple App Store and Android Market, Mashable reports. However, this version of the infamous bird-slinger holds a few interesting features that survived the rampant media leaks. In addition to 15 heart-packed levels rimming with cute, Rovio has embedded some heavy Facebook integration into the game this time around.
Angry Birds Bing
Right from the home screen, players can use Facebook Connect to send their friends Angry Birds-themed Valentines in adorable little News Feed posts. Unfortunately, Mashable wasn't able to work this feature as of this writing, so hopefully Rovio is working on a hot fix. Moving on to the second page of the game's levels and clicking that big old "Like" button will unlock three more levels to play around in. Not to mention it likely causes Angry Birds updates to pop up in your own News Feed like any normal "Like."

Of course, there are Golden Eggs to collect in this version of the game, but Rovio has decided to help with a pre-loaded Bing web search. Packed with tips for how to find each Egg, clicking on the "Bing" button will open up the loaded search in your phone's browser. Given that the developer already has a Rio-themed game on the way in March, you can expect more in-game marketing from the Angry Birds in the future. And oddly enough, I don't mind at all.

[Image Credit: Mashable]

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