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Face of the Fan If you're a guy and look like your between the ages of 18-25, or you have a talented son, nephew, friend, etc. who might be, there's a chance for him to get one of the coolest jobs in Hollywood, or in the entire world, for that matter.

Screen Gems is holding a casting call for the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare's best-selling series, Mortal Instruments, and is spreading a wide net to play the lead role of Jace Wayland.

By visiting Sony Pictures Entertainment's FaceOfTheFan.com, users nationwide can now participate in this casting call, which launched on Friday, January 28th. The audition consists of the user's contact info, a head shot photo, and a video (two minutes or less) of the person auditioning in which he answers a question: "Why are you the right person to play Jace Wayland in the upcoming movie?" The audition submission process will end on February 25th.

When asked to describe the Jace Wayland's character, the book's author, Cassandra Clare wrote: fighting, hunting, and killing demons are the things Jace is good at. Though the jagged scars and black runic marks on his body are a badge of honor as far as he's concerned, he keeps a lot to himself –- like the fact that his parents were murdered by Valentine's servants in front of him when he was ten years old. There are a lot of things Jace doesn't talk about -- until he meets Clary, a mundane girl who might see him better than he can see himself. The connection that binds them will force Jace to confront the black secrets of a past he never wanted to remember. The film version of Cassandra Clare's popular book series is currently in active development with Screen Gems and the theatrical release is anticipated in the coming year.

Even if you or yours aren't right for this particular casting, you might want to keep your eye on Face of the Fan, just for the fun of it. The site was launched in November 2010 with a casting call for Screen Gems' and Lakeshore Entertainment's successful action franchise Underworld. Users from across the country logged onto the website, downloaded select pages from a script to rehearse, and then uploaded their audition video and other credentials for submission. The submitted videos were then reviewed by a panel of studio and production executives and selected participants were considered by casting agents for future roles.

The concept for Face of the Fan builds on several past initiatives from Sony Pictures, in which uber-fans were chosen to participate in various marketing-related activities. Whether meeting talent on the red carpet, interviewing them at Comic-Con, or becoming guest correspondents covering the movies, these contests allowed the winning fans to get close to actors and filmmakers like never before and share their experiences online with their friends, family, and other fans -- not to mention earn a few bucks.

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