FarmVille Chinese New Year Items: New Year Rabbit, Forbidden City, Firecrackers & More


As was the case in FarmVille at this time last year, Zynga has once again offered users a new theme celebrating the Chinese / Lunar New Year. There are currently animals, buildings, and decorations to purchase in the store, with most of these likely being familiar to those veteran users that were playing the game last year.

The new animal is the New Year Rabbit, which is an entirely new animal in the game. Luckily, the animal isn't premium, and can be purchased for coins, but hold onto your wallet because this one's expensive. How expensive? How does 250,000 coins sound? If you can afford it, you'll be able to collect from your new rabbit every two days, and will receive 100 coins for doing so. You'll also receive a one-time bonus of 2500 experience points for purchasing the rabbit for your farm.

As for the new building, there is also just one to choose from, but this one is a re-release from last year's theme. What's the item exactly? Meet us behind the break to find out.