FarmVille Chinese New Year Items: New Year Rabbit, Forbidden City, Firecrackers & More

As was the case in FarmVille at this time last year, Zynga has once again offered users a new theme celebrating the Chinese / Lunar New Year. There are currently animals, buildings, and decorations to purchase in the store, with most of these likely being familiar to those veteran users that were playing the game last year.

The new animal is the New Year Rabbit, which is an entirely new animal in the game. Luckily, the animal isn't premium, and can be purchased for coins, but hold onto your wallet because this one's expensive. How expensive? How does 250,000 coins sound? If you can afford it, you'll be able to collect from your new rabbit every two days, and will receive 100 coins for doing so. You'll also receive a one-time bonus of 2500 experience points for purchasing the rabbit for your farm.

As for the new building, there is also just one to choose from, but this one is a re-release from last year's theme. What's the item exactly? Meet us behind the break to find out.

The new building is the Forbidden City, which was first released in the game last year. This is an absolutely massive item, so if you are at all lacking in room on your farm, you might reconsider purchasing it. If you would like the item, it costs 52 Farm Cash (the same price as last year), and will reward you with 5200 experience points for purchasing it. The only differences between its release this year and last are the fact that now, if you choose to sell the building, you'll receive 26,000 coins, and in the amount of experience points you gain. Last year, you would have received only 6,000 coins for selling, and only 1200 XP for purchasing it.

As for the new decorations, there are just three to choose from at this point: the Dragon Arch, Firecrackers, and Bamboo Forest. The Dragon Arch and Firecrackers are returning items from last year, while the Bamboo Forest is entirely new. The Dragon Arch retains all of its stats from last year. You'll be able to purchase it for 5200 coins, and you'll earn just 52 experience points for doing so. The Firecrackers also cost the same as before, at 2 Farm Cash. Like the Fireworks items released during the New Year's event, these Firecrackers are a one-time use item, that can be activated by clicking on the Firecrackers on your farm and clicking on "Launch" to see the show.

For the new decoration, the Bamboo Forest can be purchased for 6 Farm Cash. That's actually quite cheap, considering the fairly large size of the item. You'll receive 600 experience points for purchasing the forest, and it should be noted that regardless of the fact that this forest is made of trees, it is only decorative and can't be harvested from.

All of these items will remain in the game for the next 14 days. With Zynga updating the game daily over the past few days, new items could be added at any time, so keep checking back with us. You'll be the first to know if something new is launched in the game.

Which of these items is your favorite? Will you purchase all of them for your farm? Let us know in the comments.
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