FarmVille Chinese New Year avatar costumes now available


If you're in the mood for celebrating the Chinese / Lunar New Year in FarmVille using more than just the new items that have been released in the store, you're in luck, as Zynga has also released a trio of costumes that you can purchase to dress your in-game avatar up to match the theme.

There are two generically named "Chinese Costumes" - one each for boys and girls. Both outfits cost 15 Farm Cash each, and will reward you with 525 experience points for purchasing them. The girl's outfit comes with a traditional dress and shoes, while the boy's outfit contains a shirt, pants, shoes, and hat.

While these outfits are definitely cute and worthwhile in their own right, the item that will most likely interest you is the New Year Bunny costume. This costume is almost identical in structure to the other bunny costumes that have been released in the game, but with a different theme (here, the bunny wears a jacket and a hat). The thing that really sets it apart though is its price - just 30,000 coins! Yes, you read that right farmers - a limited edition costume is not only being offered for coins, but a very low amount of coins at that! I snapped up one of these for my farmer as quickly as I could - I'm sure you'll want to do the same.

Regardless of which costume you'd like to purchase, you have just 14 days to make your decision, as the items will expire from the store after that point. It's likely that Zynga will re-release these items next year, but do you really want to take that risk?

Let us know which of these costumes is your favorite. Will you dress your avatar as a New Year Bunny? Let us know in the comments.