FarmVille Super Bowl Crop: Nachos


For those farmers that were playing FarmVille at this time last year, you'll likely remember the brief Super Bowl theme that launched in the game, which included new decorations, animals and even a new crop. We already knew that some of these items would be making a comeback this year, thanks to an official announcement from Zynga, but we didn't know which items, or when.

Turns out, the "when" is now, and to start, the "what" is the Nacho crop (Yes, this was originally the April Fools crop from last year, but we can understand its inclusion in the Super Bowl theme, so we'll let that detail slide). The Nacho is a limited edition crop that will only be available in the game for the next 6 days. While that might make most users scoff and ignore it entirely, I have one special bit of info that will likely make you change your mind. This time around - the Nacho crop is masterable.

For those keeping track, the stats of this crop from last year have changed. Most notably, the crop only took 2 hours to grow last year, and cost 25 coins to plant. This time around, the Nachos are available to plant for 20 coins, but take 4 hours to grow.

If you'd like to master the crop, you can earn the first star of mastery after 200 harvests. From there, level 2 is earned at 400 harvests, and the final star (and mastery sign) are received after 600 additional harvests - that's 1200 total harvests to master in its entirety. Luckily, with the short growth time, this shouldn't prove that difficult for those that set their minds to it.

Remember, this Nacho crop will only be available in the game for a week total, so plant them fast to make the most of your time with them, and earn that exclusive mastery sign!

Will you grow Nachos in honor of the Super Bowl? Do you think you can master the crop in time? Sound off in the comments.