FarmVille Super Bowl Animals: Chicken Cheer, Chicken Joy, Horse Spectator, & more [UPDATE]


In honor of the Super Bowl, Zynga has re-released many of the items found in last year's brief Super Bowl theme in FarmVille. Specifically, there are five "new" animals to purchase (new being questionable, depending on whether or not you were playing the game at this time last year).

Three of these animals are the Chicken Cheer, Chicken Joy, and Horse Spectator. The two chickens are basically identical items, and are both chickens dressed as cheerleaders. The only difference between the two is in the color of their outfits - Cheer is blue, while Joy is orange. Both use orange and blue pompoms, however (again, the colors in each hand are switched), and their animations are identical, so in theory, you could create an entire themed cheerleader section on your farm, to cheer you on even long after the theme has left the game. Both of these chickens can be purchased for 14 Farm Cash each. They can be harvested every day for just 8 coins.

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