FarmVille Greenhouse Crops Guide: Create hybrids for exclusive Mastery Signs


While we've already brought you a complete guide to setting up your new Greenhouse in FarmVille, and then how to create a hybrid crop once you've done so, we'll now take an in-depth look at the ten crops that are available to create within it. These crops have been known to us for some time, as we brought you a Sneak Peek containing most of these new crops a few days ago.

Most of these crops are food-items, but there are a couple of lovely new flowers to plant as well. All of them require you to combine just two different seed types to grow, with seeds ranging in price from 500 to 8,500 coins. While you're free to start combining seeds in whichever groups you'd like, only ten combinations will actually produce a new crop as of this writing. For a look at what those combinations are, and the stats for each crop that can be produced, meet us behind the break.

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