CityVille Lunar New Year Goal: Everything you need to know

Along with the recently released Lunar / Chinese New Year decorations that have been launched in CityVille, Zynga has also released a new themed mission into the game. The mission is called, appropriately enough, "Lunar New Year!" and it's fairly simple to complete.

You'll need to finish three steps:

Collect from 5 Suburban Houses
Collect from 5 Bakeries
Have 3 Hanging Lanterns

As usual, you can collect from the same building more than once if you don't have five total of either building in your town. Bakeries are ready to collect from after serving ten patrons, while Suburban Houses can be collected from every 18 hours (this will likely be the most time-consuming part of the mission). As for the Hanging Lanterns, they can be purchased from the store for 100 coins each. They offer a 1% payout bonus to nearby structures.

Completing this mission will reward you with access to purchasing the Noodle Shop business from the store. This Noodle Shop costs 4,000 coins and will require 90 Goods as stock. It will pay out 405 coins by default after its stock is sold.

As of right now, it looks as though Zynga will be added another Lunar New Year quest to the game, as Samantha introduces this quest with promise of an as-of-now unreleased Fireworks Stand, and due to the simple fact that the icon for this mission has a "1" next to it, implying that there will at least be a "2." We'll be sure to let you know if this is the case in the future, so keep checking back.

Have you completed this goal in CityVille? Will you build a Noodle Shop in your city? Let us know in the comments.