Zynga lays down a full house at Zynga PokerCon this March 18-19

Zynga PokerCon
Playing Zynga Poker online is one thing, but playing poker in person is another beast entirely. Zynga will announce on Monday, Feb. 7 its first ever PokerCon in Las Vegas. Taking place in the ultimate poker town at the Palms Casino Resort on March 18 and 19, Zynga will host a live poker tournament with a grand prize of $100 thousand awaiting the winner. Professional poker players will make appearances throughout the convention, offering tips and tricks for the contestants, so don't try any funny stuff here.
The final table in the tournament will be joined by an unannounced list of celebrities, but with Zynga's impressive list of contacts you can expect to be surrounded by interesting folks. Not to mention all convention goers are invited to an exclusive party with the opportunity to meet their fellow Zynga Poker players and executives involved in the game. Tickets for the event go on sale Feb. 11 for $125, which covers all activities during the two-day convention. And considering Zynga Poker is the company's third most popular Facebook game with over 37 million monthly players, you should be safe to expect a full house.

[Image Credit: Las Vegas Poker Source]

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