Behind the Super Bowl: Patriots' Cheerleader Shouts from the Sidelines

Angela Lavoie
Angela Lavoie

Between all the bone-crushing hits, tackles and nail-biting plays that are always part of the testosterone-filled Super Bowl each year, there's also been, on many occasions, a bit of feminine support coming from the sidelines in the form of morale-boosting, beautiful cheerleaders for one or both of the teams.

Sadly, for those hoping for a bit of enthusiastic eye candy to cheer on their favorite teams at this year's Super Bowl, you'll have to settle for your own personal cheering section. Neither the Pittsburgh Steelers nor the Green Bay Packers have cheerleading squads. Some say the Steelers organization considers having cheerleaders to be a distraction from the game, though millions of viewers watching the game on TV might disagree. The Packers used to have their own professional cheerleaders, but ceased the practice in 1988.

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