Mafia Wars Big Game Faceoff: Everything you need to know

Mafia Wars Big Game Faceoff
We all know that the Super Bowl is right around the corner, so what better way to show our team loyalty than through yet another Mafia Wars gifting event? Zynga has launched its Super Bowl festivities in Mafia Wars, cleverly avoiding copyright and trademark issues, with the Big Game Faceoff. The showdown takes place between our favorite teams, the Wisconsin Cheddarheads and the Pennsylvania Ironworkers. (If only it were the Pennsylvania [insert majestic bird here]s.)

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Like most gifting events, players will have to gift one another a slew of items. In this case, the items are team members of either the Wisconsin Cheddarheads or the Pennsylvania Ironworkers. In order to own a team by Feb. 6 at 3 p.m. PST, or in time for the Super Bowl, you will need to amass 22 players of either team to fill its 11 offense and defense positions. Just about everything can be done from the home page including asking friends for more players, sending players to your friends or outright buying all 22 players for 22 Reward Points.

Big CheeseSteel Curtain
While owning a team once will score you this event's Mastery item, the Victory Ring (92 Attack, 88 Defense), you can own a team twice more by collecting another 44 players and receive two more Victory Rings. I'd say the best way to handle this even is to focus on one team the whole way to complete at least one team more quickly. All in all, this event appears to be easier to gain at least one item with high-level stats, but there's also far less time to make it happen. Good luck rooting for rooting for the state closest to your favorite team who got knocked out in the playoffs. We're all allowed to be a little bitter, right?

Have you started the Big Game Faceoff yet? What tips do you have for completing this even as quickly as possible? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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