FrontierVille 37 x 37 Land Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know


Howdy partners! Earlier today, we brought you the news concerning the newest land expansion to be released in FrontierVille, which will bring your Homestead to a size of 35 x 35. These missions are tough - nay, brutal - but if you can manage to complete them (luckily they aren't timed), you'll be rewarded with a nice chunk of extra space out on the frontier. But that's not all! Zynga isn't content to simply allow you to expand your land once more, as they have already completely planned out the 37 x 37 Land Expansion missions as well!

We have everything you need to know about this new mission series. Note: You must first complete the expansion to 35 x 35 before having access to these. It's also unknown as of right now whether these missions will instantly be available, or whether they are slowly rolling out to users. Still, in the interest of planning ahead, meet us behind the break for a look at this next land expansion quest set.