FrontierVille 37 x 37 Land Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know

Howdy partners! Earlier today, we brought you the news concerning the newest land expansion to be released in FrontierVille, which will bring your Homestead to a size of 35 x 35. These missions are tough - nay, brutal - but if you can manage to complete them (luckily they aren't timed), you'll be rewarded with a nice chunk of extra space out on the frontier. But that's not all! Zynga isn't content to simply allow you to expand your land once more, as they have already completely planned out the 37 x 37 Land Expansion missions as well!

We have everything you need to know about this new mission series. Note: You must first complete the expansion to 35 x 35 before having access to these. It's also unknown as of right now whether these missions will instantly be available, or whether they are slowly rolling out to users. Still, in the interest of planning ahead, meet us behind the break for a look at this next land expansion quest set.
Expanding your land to 37 x 37 squares is a five-part process. As you may have expected, the high difficulty / complexity level set in the 35 x 35 land expansion missions has been carried over here. Brace yourself for a long road ahead. Part I asks you to complete three tasks, starting with a large collection of items.

Collect 35 Magnifying Lenses
Harvest 100 Peanuts
Tend 40 Adult Pigs

Luckily, you won't have to sell these pigs - simply tend 40 in total, even if you have to come back to the same pig more than once (they are ready to feed every six hours). Peanuts, meanwhile take four days to grow, and the Magnifying Glasses can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you.

Your rewards for finishing Part I of V are 200 XP and 100 coins.

Part II will likely strike a negative nerve with many users, who don't have enough room on their homestead to even allow debris to grow. Hopefully, you still have some room from growing those peanuts to grow more crops, as you'll need that as well.

Have / Craft 25 Fire
Clobber 25 Groundhogs
Clear 10 Cacti

Fire can be crafted inside the Covered Wagon for 5 Cloth and 7 wood each. Groundhogs, of course, can be brought out by harvesting crops. Clover is a five minute crop, so feel free to plant mass waves of this cheap and quick crop in order to bring out as many Groundhogs as quickly as you can. Your rewards for finishing Part II are 225 XP and 125 coins.

Part III will require you to earn some help from friends, but it won't come from a normal gift request feature, as you'll need to gather enough friends to create a "Detective / Land Expansion Crew."

Gather 5 neighbors in your "Detective / Land Expansion Crew"
Have / Craft 5 Feather Beds
Collect the Inn's Daily Bonus 3 Times

Feather Beds can be crafted inside the Sawmill, with each bed costing 1 Furnishings and 2 Comforters. Comforters are made inside the Chicken Coop, while Furnishings can also be crafted in the Sawmill. Finish Part III and you'll receive 250 XP and 150 coins.

Moving onto Part IV, you'll need to collect even more Daily Bonuses, as well as revisit the Animal Cannons that were released in the game some months ago.

Collect the Foundry's Daily Bonus 3 Times
Clear 30 Grass
Use the Fox Cannon 20 Times

Remember, you'll need to have a lot of Poop to turn into Saltpeters and eventually Powder Kegs in order to power the Fox Cannon, so make sure to spend some time tending your animals in order to collect more. Your final prizes before the finale are 275 XP and 175 coins.

Finally Part V will see you tending to some animals, harvesting some crops, and collecting even more items from friends. You've worked hard to get to this point - don't give up now!

Tend 20 Horses
Harvest 400 Wheat
Collect 30 Landgrant Glues (ask friends)

Wheat is available to harvest after growing for one full day, which gives you at least some time to collect the glue in the meantime. The kicker here will be the tending of 20 Horses, since that tends to be a fairly rare item on users' Homesteads. Either way, if you are able to push through this final event, you'll not only receive notice that you've unlocked the 37 x 37 expansion, but you'll also earn 300 XP and 200 coins as a final prize.

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Phew! And there you have it! Another challenging set of missions, with a rather nice payoff at the end. Is the land expansion worth all of the effort to unlock it? You tell us - let us know your thoughts on this mission set in the comments.
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