FrontierVille 35 x 35 Land Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know

Just yesterday, we brought you the news that Zynga was looking to release a new land expansion in FrontierVille "soon." Well, partners, it turns out that soon means now, as not one, but two new expansions are now available for your land. While our assumption was that the next two expansions would be those bringing us to 37 x 37 and 41 x 41 squares, Zynga has instead decided to add an extra step into the mix.

As usual, though, both of these expansions must first be unlocked by completing a series of missions. The first expansion, which will bring your Homestead to a size of 35 x 35, can be accessed by first logging into the game, and then purchasing the accompanying mission set for 1,000 coins.

This five-part mission series starts off with a bit of a challenge, and doesn't let up. You'll need to sell dozens of animals, chop trees hundreds of times, collect dozens of items, and harvest hundreds of crops just to make it to the final mission, which has difficult stipulations in and of itself. Unfortunately, if you're not one to spend Horseshoes to unlock quests, you're in for quite the workout with these ones. Meet us behind the break for a full look at this five-part land expansion quest set.
The first step of this five-part expansion quest is called Giant Preparations, and it fits the name perfectly. You'll need to complete three tasks to move on:

Collect 30 Lunch Pails
Harvest 100 Tomatoes
Have or Craft 15 Fancy Clothes

The Lunch Pails, thankfully, are earned through individual gift requests that you'll send to your friends. If you receive a request, you'll also receive a Lunch Pail for helping your friends, which should speed this process up. Likewise, the Tomatoes only take 15 minutes to grow. Finally, the Fancy Clothing can be crafted inside the General Store using 2 Ribbon and 2 Clothes each. Your rewards for finishing it are 150 XP and 75 coins.

Part II of this mission series is where things really start to kick into high gear. If you're waiting to finish these missions at a later time, then save trees now, as you'll need them for this part of the quest.

Chop Trees 200 Times
Clear 5 Thorns
Collect 25 Fire

Yes, you read that correctly - chop trees 200 times. To be fair, this doesn't require you to chop down 200 entire trees - rather, simply perform the act of "chopping" 200 times, but it's still quite a high number for someone that keeps their land forever clear of trees. Likewise, the Thorns may take some time to spawn on your land if you have too many decorative items or trees on it, so keep that in mind. Finally, the Fire can be crafted inside the Covered Wagon for 7 Wood and 5 Cloth each.

Finish Part II and you'll receive 175 XP and 100 coins. Your fire will be taken from you at the end of the mission.

Part III continues to throw out the high numbers, but luckily, if you're reading this now, you'll have time to prepare before the mission is really upon you.

Sell 80 Adult Cows
Have 25 Meadow Muffins (a collection item)
Gather 5 Neighbors in Your Poop Shoveling Crew

Creating your pooper scooper crew is as simple as asking five neighbors to join, while the Meadow Muffins will likely be earned in the process of growing and subsequently selling the whopping 80 adult cows. Your rewards for this step of the quest are 200 XP and 100 coins.

For Part IV, you'll be forced back to "normal" farm work by harvesting crops. You'll also have to gather quite a few collection items from around your Homestead.

Collect 30 Wagon Trailers
Harvest 300 Wheat
Collect 8 Peach Cobblers (collection item)

The Wagon Trailers can be received by asking your friends to send them to you. Hopefully, this process won't take you much longer than the time it takes for your Wheat to grow - a single day. As for Peach Cobblers, you'll find them by harvesting from your Peach Trees on your Homestead. If you don't have enough on your own, you can also ask your friends to send you extra Peach Cobblers via the in-game wishlist.

As we approach the finally of this event, you'll receive just 75 XP and 100 coins for finishing this mission. Both the Wagon Trailers and Peach Cobblers will be removed from your account.

Finally, Part V asks you to collect and/or craft even more items, and put some of your other fruit trees to work.

Have / Craft 30 Fireworks
Have / Craft 15 Cakes
Tend Apricot Trees 100 Times

Fireworks can be crafted inside the Cabin, at a rate of 1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire per 5 Fireworks created. The Cakes can be crafted inside the Inn using 2 Fire and 4 Batter each. Batters themselves are crafted (also in the Inn) for 20 Food and 900 coins.

Once you have completed this final mission in the 35 x 35 land expansion series, you will receive 400 XP, 200 coins, and the notice that you have unlocked what Zynga is calling the Giant Homestead. Believe me, by this point, you will have definitely earned the extra space.

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What do you think of this set of land expansion missions? Are they too difficult? Would you rather simply purchase the expansion outright? Let us know in the comments.
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