Five Gadgets Worth Buying Now

Gadgets Worth BuyingNow that electronics makers have unveiled their latest gadgets and stores are slashing prices on old inventory and TVs for the Super Bowl, there are plenty of gadgets worth buying right now.

Here's our short list of gizmos and electronics you should shop for.

A High-Definition Television

First and foremost, if you're in the market for an HDTV we suggest you take a look at HDTVs when retailers will be doing all they can to cash in on our desire to have a huge HDTV for our Super Bowl parties.When you go out looking for an HDTV be sure to look for one with at least a 120hz refresh rate and at this point you should also be sure it supports 1080P. Even though the Super Bowl won't be in 1080P on your set, it's worth it to have the capabilities for next year. For the hottest deals, check out sites like Dealnews, where you'll find the best HDTV deals, Retrevo, where you can find out if the set you want is a good buy, and, where you can find community-driven deals on HDTVs.

A Home Theater System

Next up, to complement your HDTV, is a home theater setup. Retailers love to sell complementary items to shoppers, so expect to see deals on home theaters when combined with HDTVs. If you play your cards right, you can usually get the salesperson to budge on the price of one of these items if you're buying a package.

MP3 Players and iPods

Need a new MP3 player? If so, now's a good time to buy. While you won't find as many gift card deals as you did during Black Friday on the iPod Touch, it is still a relatively new product that won't likely get an update until late 2011.

We also like devices from Sandisk, which can be found pretty cheap on Amazon and on sale in your local retailers. These MP3 players often have many of the same features, and may work with subscription music services, which is a big plus for the music lovers who want to keep their spending in check.

Digital Cameras

For bargain shoppers, this is a great time to go looking for deals on digital cameras at your local retailers where you'll find last year's models marked down for clearance. The newest models will start coming out in early February through early April, so you have a month for bargain shopping. Unless you need the latest features, most home users will be served well by the cameras found on the clearance shelves.

SApple TVtreaming Internet TV Devices

If you've been looking for a way to stream Internet content to your HDTV, now's the time to look at Internet connected HDTV boxes. While we expect to see this functionality built into HDTVs in the near future and video game consoles can offer much of it, there's still a place in some homes for an affordable Internet-connected device.

Top picks include the Roku box which starts at $59.99, the Apple TV for $99 and the Boxee Box for $199. If you already have a modern gaming console in the living room you may want to get one of these for your bedroom. The prices are as cheap as we expect to see for some time and with the Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up for the year we won't be seeing a new version until the holiday season.

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