CityVille Warehouse: Everything you need to know

At the end of January, Zynga officially announced that item storage would be coming to CityVille via a new Warehouse feature. Luckily for all of us, we don't have to wait any longer to see just what the feature entails, as it is now available in the game! Once this feature rolls out to your game, you'll have a new Warehouse goal waiting for you along the left-hand side of the game screen.

The goal is simply called "Store Decorations," and will see you removing the Warehouse from your inventory (yes, it's being given to all users for free), gathering neighbors to work in the Warehouse as staff, and then placing a decoration inside it. Luckily, the Warehouse only takes up as much space as the average home in your game, but you'll need to be at least level 12 in the game to have access to it.

To see more of how the Warehouse works in your game, meet us behind the break.
Before you can staff your Warehouse, you must construct its frame, which is done with 10 Whacks. Once the entire frame is built, you'll be asked to gather 3 friends together to be the staff of your Warehouse. As with other buildings of this type, you'll have to send out individual requests to your CityVille neighbors asking them to join your crew.

Only after you have a full Crew will your Warehouse become functional. To start, you'll only be able to hold three items inside your Warehouse, but it can be expanded. This is a simple process that sees you looking inside your Warehouse and clicking on the "Add More Space" button. From there, you'll ask your friends to help you expand your Warehouse, with each friend that helps counting as one additional storage space in your Warehouse.

To actually store items in the Warehouse, simply click on the Arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen - the same arrow you click on to switch to the Rotation and Move tools - and click on the new Warehouse icon. With this active, click on the decoration (only decorations can be stored) that you'd like to store and it will be put into the Warehouse.

Note: At this time, your Warehouse can only be expanded to hold a maximum of 12 items, and you can only have one Warehouse at this time. Hopefully Zynga will add more in the future.

As a further note, you are free to add your Warehouse back into your inventory if you find yourself running out of room in your town. However, the Warehouse must be empty for it to be storable, and you'll lose all expansion progress on the Warehouse should you ever decide to pull it back out of your inventory again. That being the case, it seems better to just leave the Warehouse empty in your town if you have no desire to use it, rather than have to go through the process of expanding the building all over again.

Whether you'll want to expand your Warehouse at all, however, is up to you. Zynga has stated that they are looking for feedback about this new feature on the game's official forums, and many users are already telling them what they think - mainly that the storage capacity is too low.

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Do you agree? Should storage be unlimited, or should we simply be allowed to add unlimited Warehouses to our town? Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments.
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