CityVille: Chinese New Year decorations now available


If you're one that likes celebrating all manner of holiday in your Facebook games, you'll be happy to know that Zynga has launched a slew of new Lunar / Chinese New Year themed items in CityVille for your shopping pleasure. There are homes, businesses, and decorations to purchase in the game's store, with these items ranging from premium, City Cash items, to those available for varying amounts of coins.

The only home released in this new theme is the Courtyard House, which is available for 45 City Cash. If you purchase the home, you'll gain 150 citizens in your home, and you can collect rent from the home in the amount of 105 coins every four hours.

This is just the start of the theme in the game, so meet us behind the break for a full look at the rest of the newly available decorations and businesses.