Angry Birds Valentine's Edition images leak, can't contain the cute

Angry Birds Cloud Ship
We all knew that a Valentine's Day Edition of Angry Birds was in transit, but this is our first glimpse at what the game will look like, thanks to All Things Digital. It won't take longer than a few seconds to notice the hefty amount of cute that Rovio has packed into the version of the game. ATD predicts this version will launch next week in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace as an update to the Angry Birds Seasons game that's out right now.

Angry Birds Valentines home page
The gameplay will likely remain unchanged, so what we're dealing with is essentially a palette swap. However, some new winged pig enemies seem to make an appearance as well as some new shapes to deal with like glass hearts and cloud tree houses. There are also new items to collect, heart-shaped candies, in replace of golden eggs.

Fans might soon begin to complain that not much has changed in three versions of the game (and one on the way). And they're absolutely right. But isn't it the bite-sized, challenging and engaging gameplay along with adorably angry avian noises that we've come to love? Rovio called, it says thank you in advance for the $.99.

Cloud Treehouse

Heart Glass

[Via and Image Credit: Mashable]

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