Open Houses : Good Way to Get Robbed?

open houses
open houses

When your home is for sale and you hold an open house, potentially hundreds of people may walk through. Some are not just viewing your granite countertops and soaring vaulted ceilings, but also are eyeing your antique china, pearl necklace, and credit card statements. That may be because you have left these items in plain view. But it may also be because not all of the visitors to your open house are there to buy. Some might be there to rob you blind. Just ask Elizabeth Craig.

No, Craig is not a victim, but a suspect in a number of burglaries that occurred at several open houses in and around Colorado Springs, Colo. She was arrested Sunday for felony theft after police tracked her down by the license plate on the dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee she drove to several homes for sale where jewelry ended up missing during the past two weeks.