FrontierVille: Two land expansions coming soon?


Over on Zynga's official FrontierVillefan page, the developer has brought up the issue of land expansions by asking users "Is bigger better?" This seems to be far more than a rhetorical question, as we've found images detailing two new land expansions that are currently in the works.

One expansion will bring the total space in the game to 37 x 37 (this will, in theory, be the next expansion to be released, as the current size is 33 x 33), while the other will give us a whopping 41 x 41 area of space on our Homestead! With the recent release of the Chapel and Trading Post, along with the new crop-centric, land-heavy focus of the Groundhog Traps, these two expansions should answer many of the fears users have about purchasing new items, as there simply isn't enough room on their land to contain them.

Zynga says that we'll find out the answer to their question "SOON," and we'll make sure you're the first to know when and if these expansions are released in the game.

Is your Homestead feeling a little cramped in FrontierVille? Let us know if you plan on expanding your land in the comments.