FrontierVille Groundhog Trap: Everything you need to know

frontierville groundhog trap guide
frontierville groundhog trap guideSo you've been trying to finish those FrontierVille Groundhog Day Goals and trap Phil & Fred the groundhogs, but you just can't wrap your head around that blasted Groundhog Trap. Don't worry, you aren't the only one a bit confused by the FrontierVille Groundhog Trap. After all, it's a very complicated piece of machinery. Fortunately, I've gathered everything there is know about the FrontierVille Groundhog Trap into one place. With my FrontierVille Groundhog Trap guide, you'll be able to complete the Groundhog Day Goals and trap groundhogs Phil and Fred without a problem.

Get started with my FrontierVille Groundhog Trap guide below.
frontierville groundhog trap guide
Buy and Place your Groundhog Trap
First thing you're going to need to do is buy a Groundhog Trap from the market. Each Groundhog Trap costs 2,000 Coins and you can buy as many as you want. Once you purchase the Groundhog Trap, you'll need to place it somewhere it won't interfere with your animals or buildings. However, you are going to want to place the Groundhog Trap somewhere where it can be surrounded by crops (that's where groundhogs love to appear). But more on the Groundhog crop trick later.

frontierville groundhog trap guideCollect Groundhog Trap Supplies
To finish your state-of-the-art Groundhog Trap you will need a total of 30 supplies. A finished Groundhog Trap requires:

5 Tin Sheets
5 Screws
5 Bait
5 Sticks
5 Ropes
5 Crate Boxes

You'll have to ask your friends for help in order to finish your Groundhog Trap. So get started requesting parts from your friends now. The alternative is to spend FrontierVille Horseshoes, but at four Horseshoes for five Groundhog parts, it can be pretty costly. Just using Horseshoes, the Groundhog Trap requires 24 Horseshoes to fully complete.

Catch Groundhogs!
Now that your Groundhog Trap is built, you're ready to rid the frontier of pesky varmint, one groundhog at a time. Set your trap for one energy, then click on your Groundhog Trap and select 'View Area' to see the 5 x 5 space covered by your Groundhog Trap. If a groundhog surfaces in that area while your trap is armed, you'll catch it! Once you catch a groundhog, make sure you spend one energy to reset the trap.

There is a small chance that the groundhog you trap will be Fred or Phil. Keep catching and they'll nab 'em eventually.

frontierville groundhog trap guideProTip: The Groundhog Trap cannot be moved or disarmed until it has caught a groundhog.

Groundhog Trap Crop Trick
For maximum groundhog trappability, place your Groundhog Trap in the middle of a square of fully grown crops. Groundhogs LOVE fully grown crops, so by placing the Groundhog Trap over them, your sure to maximize your trappings.

Note the picture on the right. The player did a good job setting up their Groundhog Trap. However, it could be more successful if the entire area was filled with crops.

ProTip: If a plot/crop is only partially covered by the area of the Groundhog Trap and a gopher surfaces there, you will still catch him.

Upgrade Your Groundhog Trap
With a little more help from your friends, your Groundhog Traps can be upgraded from a 5 x 5 area of coverage to 8 x 8. You're going to need a crew of six friends to help out with the upgrade, which isn't too bad. But, holy cow, with that upgraded trap you're going to be raking in groundhogs by the truckload.

ProTip: Once you upgrade your Groundhog Trap, make sure you place more crops around it to fill out the total area covered by your awesome trap.

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Have you managed to trap any groundhogs? Have any other tips? Post them in the comments.
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