Former Secretary at Center of 747 Deal with Iran

A 31-year-old former secretary for a British trade company has unwittingly found himself the subject of an international investigation into how Iran acquired a $324 million airplane under the nose of the United States government.

Sam David Mahjoobi, a semi-professional poker player who lives with his grandmother in the U.K. is the only listed director of an aviation company founded in June 2008 that purchased a plane for Iran Air, reports the Telegraph newspaper.

U.S. sanctions have made it nearly impossible for Iran's flagship carrier to purchase planes for the company's depleted fleet. Yet just days after a company was established in Mahjoobi's name, a Boeing 747 cargo plane was purchased from a Turkish airline.

Within a week the plane was in Iran, where it remains an integral part of Iran Air's fleet.

"This is the first I've heard of it. I've never had a business bank account and I've never had anything close to those sort of funds," Mahjoobi tells the news outlet.

Mahjoobi was working part time at Galaxy Aviation Trade Company, a small U.K. firm that has connections to Iran, when the trade happened. He suspects another company used his name to sidestep the U.S. government and push through the deal.

"I used to be a secretary for Galaxy Aviation, and that was it," Mahjoobi says. "It was just a part-time job a friend of my dad's friends got me."

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