Five Products Facing Consumer Backlash

Bottled water debate - consumer backlash
Bottled water debate - consumer backlash

Consumer history is littered with products, gadgets and items that consumers love to love, only to later hate them. Remember margarine, the Atkins Diet and Barbie, to name a few?

WalletPop asked experts for other products that consumers have fallen out of love with lately. Here are five they say are experiencing a backlash:

1. Bottled Water

The idea of bottling water has been around since the 1800s, for medicinal reasons. But the bottled water craze that hit in the 1990s was as much about prestige as health. Water coming from exotic places like Fiji and Évian-les-Bains hyped their better taste as well as their "cleaner," healthier origins as compared to local tap water.