FarmVille Silly Bandz Free Giveaway

farmville silly banz free giveaway
Update: This contest has ended and the winners have been notified. Head to or our Facebook fanpagefor more awesome giveaways.

Folks, FarmVille creator, Zynga, has teamed up with Silly Bandz to bring us an exclusive set of FarmVille Silly Bandz. And because we love you guys, we're giving them all away to our fans for FREE in our FarmVille Silly Bandz Giveaway.

If you have a child, you've probably heard of Silly Bandz: the colorful elastic band bracelets that come in a huge variety of shapes. Silly Bandz are so big that even if you don't have a kid, you've probably heard of them anyway. People collect Silly Bandz by the dozen, and are always looking for new rare shapes to show off and collect. With these FarmVille Silly Bandz, you'll be able to take FarmVille on the go, and impress everyone with these rare collectible Silly Band shapes.

Continue reading to enter for a pack of FarmVille Silly Bandz.

farmville silly bandz free giveawayfarmville silly bandz free giveaway
The FarmVille SIlly Bandz come in eight shapes and there are 24 in a pack: FarmVille Tree, FarmVille Pig, FarmVille Cow, FarmVille Barn, FarmVille Tractor, FarmVille Biplane, FarmVille Sheep, & Zynga Dog.

To enter:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook fanpage: (

Step 2: 'Like' the fanpage so you can see the latest Facebook game news, tips, and cheats.

Step 3: To enter, head to the fan page and leave us a comment telling us the following:

What is the best/strangest/most awesome Silly Band you've ever seen? What Silly Bandz shapes would you like to see?

(I saw a Silly Band cathedral once. I'd never seen anything but animals at that point, so I was very surprised to find a church on someone's wrist. If I could have Silly Bandz of any shape, I would want a whole set of classic Pokemon ones. That would be incredible!)

Next Thursday, February 10th, we'll randomly select four winners, message them on Facebook for their addresses, and send them their free FarmVille Silly Bandz. Sound easy enough?

Get started by heading to the fanpage to enter for a free pack of FarmVille Silly Bandz.
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