FarmVille: Orchards will soon offer Watering Cans!

Perhaps one of the most disappointing things to come out of the Orchard and Mystery Seedling feature in FarmVille is the fact that it just takes so long to earn enough Watering Cans to make a dent in your Mystery Seedling backlog. After all, the more Orchards you have, the more Mystery Seedlings you will invariably end up with. But with each Seedling requiring 10 Watering Cans to grow to maturity, you can become bogged down pretty easily in what many users have started calling the "FarmVille Drought."

Zynga hopes to change this in the near future however, as they have announced via the official FarmVille Blog that soon, Orchards will begin producing Water for users to use for the Mystery Seedlings. In a nutshell, this means that if you don't receive a Mystery Seedling when harvesting an Orchard, you'll receive Water instead (as well as the normal coins).

It hasn't been announced how much water you'll receive for each Orchard, but we'll take anything at this point. Orchards should begin producing water next week - bring it on Zynga!

Will you start collecting more Mystery Seedlings now that Orchards will be able to produce water for you to grow them? Let us know in the comments.