Cafe World Valentine's Day Goals: Everything you need to know

It just wouldn't be a holiday in Cafe World without a series of new missions or goals to complete, and the same is true for Valentine's Day. To celebrate in the game this year, Zynga has launched a whopping eight part mission series, that sees you helping Espresso Joe and Lisa Latte find love. If you've been keeping up with the saga of these two in-game characters, you'll know that Espresso Joe has a crush on Lisa Latte. After getting to know her by continually running into her in your cafe, he shared a New Year's kiss with Lisa back in the New Year's Eve event. Now, though, he's finally mustered up the nerve to ask Lisa on a true date - a Valentine's Day date, no less!

This eight part mission series will see you helping Joe prepare the perfect dinner for two, including, but not limited to, gathering roses, unlocking and cooking three new dishes, and purchasing some themed decorations. Luckily, the first few goals in this eight-part series are fairly simple, so meet us behind the break for a look at this entire set and start making a dent in this new event. Hint: You'll be eligible to win some very cool real world prizes if you push through them all.

To start off, you'll only need to complete three very simple steps to finish Valentine's Day I.

Place the Love Thermometer
Spice 5 Friends' Stoves
Cook 5 Pita and Dolmas

The Love Thermometer can be found under the Special items section of the store, where it can be added to your Cafe for free. This thermometer will fill to the top as you complete the rest of the goals in this series. Meanwhile, notice the wording of the cooking task - all you have to do is "Cook" Pita and Dolmas. Simply purchasing this normally 4-hour dish, and starting the cooking process five times will finish this task for you, whether you choose to actually finish cooking and ultimately serve these dishes or not.

Your rewards for Valentine's Day I are 100 coins and 100 Cafe Points.

Valentine's Day II is another fairly simple mission, which introduces the first collection feature to this series.

Get 2 Roses
Cook 10 French Onion Soup
Purchase 1 Flower Machine

The Flower Machine can be found in the Decorations section of the store for 60,000 coins. The French Onion Soup, again, only needs to be started to cook, not served entirely, so you can get that out of the way quickly as well. Finally, the Roses introduce this feature's collection event, with Roses serving the same function as RSVPs in the past. That is, after a friend sends you a rose, you'll be able to take that Rose tally with you throughout the rest of the missions (they are cumulative), but each friend will (at the time of this writing) only be able to give you one Rose in total.

Finishing Valentine's Day II earns you 200 coins and 200 Cafe Points. You'll be able to share some coins with your friends on your wall.

Moving on, Valentine's Day III is where things start to get a bit complicated, as you'll now star working on unlocking the first of three new recipes released as part of this event.

Visit 5 Neighbors
Get 2 Bags of Oysters
Get 3 Glasses

Luckily, these tasks don't require you to collect that many items, but you'll still need to ask your friends (via individual gift requests) to send you the five ingredients necessary to unlock this mission's prize - the Oyster Shooter recipe.

You'll need to use this new recipe to finish Valentine's Day IV, which also requires you to get back on the hunt for more Roses.

Get 5 Roses
Serve 10 Oyster Shooters
Spice 7 Neighbors' Stoves

As you can see from the screenshot above, the two Roses that you've earned previously will count towards two of the five necessary Roses for this round, so at least you won't have to start from scratch. Meanwhile, the Oyster Shooter dish can now be cooked as any other dish from your cookbook. It's only a one-hour dish, costing 290 coins to cook, and serving 50 customers at a rate of 12 coins each. That's a return of 600 coins, for those doing the math.

Moving on to Valentine's Day V, you'll have to continue to not only help out in your friends' cafes, but also continue collecting Roses.

Get 11 Roses
Purchase 3 Cupid Trumpeter Statues
Spice 7 Neighbors' Stoves

Don't worry if you don't have enough neighbors in the game to complete these tasks in one day - you can always come back the next day and continue where you left off. The Cupid Trumpeter Statues can be purchased from the store for 30,000 coins each.

In Valentine's Day VI, you'll be introduced to the second of three new dishes, but you'll have to collect the appropriate ingredients to unlock it first.

Earn 20,000 Coins
Get 3 Tbsp of Butter
Get 5 Turbot Fillets

As you can see, this mission has you collecting eight items with the help of friends. The reward for doing so is the unlocking of the Sauteed Turbot recipe. This dish can be cooked in six hours for 1620 coins. You'll receive 300 servings that can be sold for 12 coins each, resulting in a 3600 coin return for you.

We're almost done now - stick with me here. Valentine's Day VII moves you straight from unlocking the Sauteed Turbot to unlocking the third and final dish in this event.

Earn 50,000 Coins
Get 5 Quarts of Heavy Cream
Get 10 Large Eggs

Again, you'll unfortunately need to pester... err, I mean ask your friends to give you the ingredients necessary to unlock the reward for this mission - the Creme Brulee recipe. Creme Brulee can be cooked for 4250 coins, and will be ready in 20 hours. you'll then have 1000 servings to sell for 10 coins per serving, which gives you 10,000 coins in total. Obviously, the dish takes a lot of coins to cook, but offers a great rate of return, so it's worth looking into if you can afford cooking it in bulk.

Finally, we've made it to the last goal - Valentine's Day VIII has you preparing the final touches for Joe's big evening with Lisa, and will have you once again asking for more Roses from your friends, along with serving some of your new dishes.

Get 20 Roses
Serve 20 Creme Brulee
Serve 2 Sauteed Turbot

Finishing this final mission will allow you to see the result of Joe and Lisa's date, and whether or not you succeeded in your attempt at playing match-maker.

These goals can only be finished up until February 14 - Valentine's Day proper. If you can manage to push through the lot of them, however, you'll be entered to win some fantastic real world prizes. All those that finish all eight Valentine's Day goals will be entered to win a Tiffany's Pendant, one of 3 iPads, one of 5 iPod Touches, or one of 50 packs of 50 Instant Thymes (to clarify, 50 users will win 50 Instant Thymes each).

If you've ever needed incentive to finish goals in Cafe World, I don't know what better incentive you'll need than this - these top prizes are incredibly valuable, if you were to purchase them on your own, so why not make your way through these Cafe World mission to have a chance at them for free? Good luck to all those that enter!

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Will you make sure to finish these goals so that you'll be entered to win these prizes, or are they not worth all of the effort? Let us know in the comments.

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