'Burn Marks' Found on Singapore Airlines A380

After investigating why smoke entered a bathroom during a flight to Hong Kong earlier this week, Singapore Airlines found burn marks on electrical wiring in an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet.

An airline spokesman tells AFP flight attendants used an extinguisher as a precaution after the source of a smoke smell turned out to be coming from one of the aircraft's toilets.

"When the plane landed, our ground crew inspected the aircraft and they discovered some burn marks on some electrical wirings underneath the lavatory, on the cargo hold," says the spokesman.

"Airbus and SIA are investigating the matter. We have also inspected all other A380s and nothing was found.

The spokesman reports there was no fire on the plane and it landed without incident. The aircraft was flying from Singapore to Hong Kong.

Singapore Airlines was the first airline to commercially fly the double-decker plane in October 2007.

The 11 A380s that make up Singapore Airlines' fleet are powered by Trent 900 engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce, the same type of engine that exploded on a Qantas Airlines jet last November, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing and scattering debris across an Indonesian island.

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