Bad Advertisement: Roofing Company Roof Collapses

roof collapses In a classic case of the cobbler's children going barefoot, the roof collapsed under the weight of a massive accumulation of snow at Skyway Roofing in Menands, N.Y. Snow now covers everything inside the company's storage facility, where pieces of the roof lie on the ground and on supplies.

Skyway Roofing employees have been exceptionally busy using those supplies in the Albany area, as they race to keep other buildings' roofs from caving in, and repair leaks and damage caused by the severe weather. Looks like they should have been paying more attention to their own roof.

Unfortunately, in the middle of a storm when roofers' services are needed most, their jobs are almost impossible to do, and when a cave-in occurs, it's too late. During breaks in the weather, many residents call experts to come and clear snow off their roofs and fix the leaks.

Some enterprising workers go door to door offering both roof and sidewalk shoveling. There could be liability issues with using non-insured workers for these sorts of tasks, however. The best way to deal with snow accumulation is to not let it happen in the first place, by building pitched roofs and providing extra support. In better weather, companies like Skyway Roofing (especially now) could use the business.

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