Zuma Blitz Cheats and Tips: Master the Double Gap Challenge

Zuma Blitz Double Gap Challenge
With PopCap's weekly Zuma BlitzTiki Talk web show and now a player blogging tips (and showing off) every week, the Zuma Blitz community is at a fever pitch. Zuma fan and dedicated blogger Brendan Chan takes on the weekly Zuma Blitz board in an interesting way and lives to blog about it. This week, Chan accepts the Double Gap Challenge.

Double Gap Shot
As you can see by these images, he's even skilled enough to take his hand off the mouse to grab a screen shot. The way to master the Double Gap Challenge, according to Chan, is to leave one or two balls on the end of one track and take gap shots like normal. Sure, it's risky, but it will definitely rack up the points. Oh, and he also achieved over 2 million points in one session. One more thing: he's only Level 60.

What's your best trick in Zuma Blitz? Have you achieved 2 million points before? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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