Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Women Prefer Sex Over Chocolates

Women prefer sex over chocolatesGuys -- planning to get your honey a nice box of chocolates this Valentine's Day? According to a new study, you'd be better off scheduling weekly sex, because women prefer sex over chocolates.

The study, by Saatchi Wellness (an offshoot of the PR firm Saatchi & Saatchi) and Time Inc.'s Health surveyed nearly 1,000 women in the U.S., asking them if they'd rather have a box of chocolates each week for the next five years, or sex every week for the next five years. 73% chose sex.They were also asked if they'd rather receive chocolate every week for five years or a lump sum gift of $1,000. 91% chose the cash.

Surprisingly, the study found that more women (74%) would choose $10,000 over being able to eat anything they wanted without gaining weight. Perhaps not so surprisingly, 71% would rather have a new pet than a(nother) child.

The study also concluded that women in general were treating themselves better than they had during the depths of the recession.
  • 36% of respondents said they are putting a greater priority on their appearance.
  • 22% are buying more anti-aging products.
  • 48% intend to work out more.
  • 48% are buying more vitamins.
  • 52% are committed to having more fun. This probably ties back to the findings in the first paragraph of this post.
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