StoneDale combines tropical adventures with animal husbandry

StoneDale is a new adventure game by PlayNow Studio, and its bright and lively art style could make the developer's first Facebook game a hit. StoneDale combines some fun features from FrontierVille, Island God, and Wildlife Refuge to make a hybrid social game that feels like it has learned a bit from its predecessors. In this game, you are tending a tropical island, appealing to the gods, and discovering new animals to tame and collect.

The tutorial in StoneDale follows the current trend of keeping it short and simple, launching players into a series of 'quests' after a couple steps have been completed. The island contains trees that need to be harvested, buildings that need whacking to build, animals to discover, and plants to tend to. Resources such as wood and crystals need to be collected to upgrade buildings and complete quests. Energy is the main monetization method in StoneDale, as you need it in order to take part in actions such as chopping, upgrading, and finding animals.

Finding animals is done by uncovering hints while clearing trees and plants. Clicking on the hints such as half-eaten food and habitats will uncover the animal. Once you find an animal, you can tame it and add it to your collection. Tamed animals simply unlock on your collection screen, but they can be raised and fed or sold for a profit.

Overall, there is nothing really unique about StoneDale. It's a cute game with nice art and whimsical music, but it suffers from quite a lot of typos and bugs that may be issues with translation. It managed to entertain me for almost an hour with an rails experience that kept me leveling up and always having something to do. Whether the game has longevity or the power to grow has yet to be seen, as it only has 67,000 monthly active players at this time. Give it a try and see if StoneDale suits your fancy.

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