NBA's Ray Allen Relists Seattle Digs at Discount

ray allen
ray allen

Boston Celtics star Ray Allen has slashed the list price of his 10,630-square-foot Craftsman-style home in the Seattle area by 38.3 percent to $3.7 million from its first listing of $6 million in 2008.

The pool of potential professional-athlete buyers for this Carnation, Wash., 5-bedroom, 8-bath home with a full-size basketball court has been drastically reduced since the SuperSonics made a 2007 decision to shutter its doors and move to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the listing agent tells AOL Real Estate that the home will appeal to non-basketball players, too.

"With an estate that has this many unique features to offer we are finding that there are still buyers out there very interested in it," says Matrix Real Estate agent Trisha Quigley, who has the listing with Nate Pearson of Ewing & Clark.

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