Jupiter Island, Fla.: Where Tiger Prowls


Jupiter Island, Fla.

jupiter island
jupiter island

, home to billionaires and pro golfers, has been christened the second most expensive small town in America of populations 10,000 and under by Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine. Median home value: $2.8 million. Jupiter Island is home to many old wealthy American families such as the Doubledays, Fords, Heinzes, and Mellons, and residents have included golfers Greg Norman, Nick Price, President George H.W. Bush, actor Burt Reynolds, baseball star Mike Schmidt, and of course, Tiger Woods, who has recenty completed a private Olympic village in his new backyard. For years this waterfront municipality on Florida's east coast has stalled at No. 2 among small towns in home value, right under Sagaponack, N.Y., in the Hamptons, where the median home values are $3.4 million.

The list is so New York-heavy you might think other states have dropped off the face of the earth. It also includes some towns circling San Francisco, Seattle, and, like Jupter, Palm Beach, and waterfront communities in Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey and California.