FrontierVille Pony Express Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the new Pony Express building that was released in FrontierVille just this afternoon comes the launch of five equally new goals in the Pony Express Goal Series. This set of goals will have you not only building the Pony Express on your Homestead, but will also have you collecting quite a few items before all is said and done. As usual, coins, experience points, and even a free tree are up for grabs by completing this mission set, so let's take a look at what they contain, shall we?

First things first, you must be at a point in FrontierVille where you are already married to your in-game spouse in order to have access to these new missions. That technicality out of the way, the first goal asks you to simply place the Pony Express building on your land. This can be done by purchasing the building from the market for 665 coins and 8 Wood.

Place Pony Express on your Homestead
Hire 3 Neighbors

It should be noted that you don't have to actually finish the Pony Express's construction in order to pass this goal, but you will need to for future goals, so it doesn't hurt to get a head start on asking for the necessary building materials. For a full look at how to complete the Pony Express, check out our guide. Your rewards for completing this first goal are 75 experience points and 250 coins.

Meet us behind the break for a full look at the other four goals in this series.
Part II of V will have expected you to finish the construction on the Pony Express, as one of your tasks is to customize your newly formed building.

Customize the Pony Express
Visit 10 Neighbors
Harvest 15 Apple Trees

By this point, you should have 15 Apple Trees on your own Homestead, but if not, they can be purchased from the market for 800 coins each. Luckily, they can be watered every 30 minutes, so even if you don't own 15 of them, this still won't take you that long to complete. Those tasks finished, your two rewards are 150 XP and 1 free Apple Tree.

Part III of V will introduce you to the new feature accompanied by the Pony Express - that being the introduction of Special Delivery satchels in the game. You'll also have to collect a few items before calling this Goal finished.

Collect 10 Stamp Rolls
Collect 2 Daily Deliveries from the Pony Express!
Have 1,500 Food (used at the end of this mission)

Daily Deliveries can be received by collecting your Daily Bonus from the Pony Express once per day. A rider will come by your homestead and drop one off to you, which can be opened for prizes. Once you finish Part III, you'll receive 100 XP and 100 coins. You'll be able to share 50 Food with your friends as a gift.

While Part III introduced you to the easiest method of receiving Special Delivery packages, Part IV of V alludes to the other - that being reaching the "Insane" level in the game's Bonus Bar (as you pick up items like coins, experience points, wood, and food). You won't have to reach that high of a level though.

Reach "Excellent" on the Bonus Bar
Click on 40 Bonus Objects
Tend 20 Animals

The tending of animals must be completed on your own Homestead, but that's all well and good, because you'll be able to click on all of those coins, experience points, and collection items to count for your 40 Bonus Objects, and to reach the Excellent level (presumably even higher) on the Bonus Bar. Once you complete these three steps (which shouldn't take you anymore than a matter of minutes), you'll receive 50 XP and 150 coins as a reward.

Finally, Part V of V brings in the other method of collecting Special Deliveries, as you'll need to chain together quite a few tasks to release a large sum of Bonus Object at once.

Reach "Insane" on the Bonus Bar
Collect 10 Envelopes

Envelopes can be earned by asking your friends for them, while the Insane level on the Bonus Bar can be reached by completing any number of tasks in immediate succession - harvest a series of crops or trees, feed all of your animals, collect all of your Daily Bonuses - you get the idea. Your final reward in this quest set is 400 XP. You'll be able to share 150 XP with your friends.

We'll make sure to bring you more images of this quest set as they become available. As usual, this feature is being released on what looks to be a very slow rollout, so don't be discouraged if you don't have access to these missions on your Homestead right away.

[Source: FrontierVille Wiki]

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What do you think of these Pony Express goals? Had you been able to finish the Chapel goal series, or do you now have two sets of goals to work on? Let us know in the comments.
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