FrontierVille Pony Express: Everything you need to know

Ever since FrontierVille first launched last year, Frontier Jack has been reminding us of the existence of the Pony Express, which has been responsible for delivering your mail in the game. Now, though, it seems like we'll finally be able to meet these dedicated riders in the flesh (or, the virtual flesh, that is), as we can now build our very own Pony Express building in the game.

This new building is hitting users' accounts on what seems to be a very slow rollout, so if you don't have the building upon reading this, be patient! We're sure it will be released into your own game in the very near future. Once you are able to access the Pony Express, you'll need to purchase it from the market for 665 coins and 8 Wood.

After placing the base on your land, you'll need to whack the building 16 times to complete the frame, with each whack costing 4 Wood. Of course, this is only part one of the building's construction - meet us behind the break for the rest of the requirements for building the Pony Express.