FrontierVille Pony Express: Everything you need to know

Ever since FrontierVille first launched last year, Frontier Jack has been reminding us of the existence of the Pony Express, which has been responsible for delivering your mail in the game. Now, though, it seems like we'll finally be able to meet these dedicated riders in the flesh (or, the virtual flesh, that is), as we can now build our very own Pony Express building in the game.

This new building is hitting users' accounts on what seems to be a very slow rollout, so if you don't have the building upon reading this, be patient! We're sure it will be released into your own game in the very near future. Once you are able to access the Pony Express, you'll need to purchase it from the market for 665 coins and 8 Wood.

After placing the base on your land, you'll need to whack the building 16 times to complete the frame, with each whack costing 4 Wood. Of course, this is only part one of the building's construction - meet us behind the break for the rest of the requirements for building the Pony Express.
Once you have completed the frame of the Pony Express, you'll need to go about the process of asking your friends to help you gather a total of 66 building materials - 10 each of Bags of Gravel, Moldings, and Whitewashes, and 12 each of Paintbrushes, Wax Seals, and Pony Express Plans.

As usual, these six items are split evenly between those that you'll need to request from individual players, and those that can be earned through general news feed posts. In this case, the Bags of Gravel, Whitewashes, and Moldings can be received by clicking on the Ask button and then sending out individual gift requests to those neighbors that you think will help you, while the other three items (Paintbrushes, Wax Seals, and Pony Express Plans) are earned through general news feed posts that any friend can click on. Unfortunately, you'll only be able to post one of these general wall posts every few hours, so be sure to be on the lookout for your friends' posts, so that you can earn some bonus items while you are waiting for the ability to post again.

So what's the point of building the Pony Express? It's actually a fairly complex reason. To put it as simply as possible, each day, you'll be able to collect a Daily Bonus from the Pony Express building, just as you can any other building in the game. Doing this gives you a chance to earn a "Special Delivery" package from a traveling Pony Express Rider. This rider will drop off satchels that can be opened to receive prizes (we'll bring you more on these prizes when we've learned more).

You can also trigger an additional Special Delivery each day, by clicking on Bonus items (coins, experience points, food, wood, etc.) in a fast enough succession to reach the "Insane" level in the Bonus Bar. Again, you can only receive a Special Delivery through this method once per day.

We'll make sure to bring you images and more information about the Pony Express as soon as we have them. In the meantime, while you're building the Pony Express building, why not also take a look at the equally new Pony Express Goals that were also released in FrontierVille, via our new guide.

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What do you think of the Pony Express in FrontierVille? Have you run out of room for new buildings, or do you welcome this new feature in the game? Let us know in the comments.
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