FarmVille Valentine's Day redeemable prizes get a refresh

farmville valentines gifts update

Just when I was starting to think about how umimpressed I was with the FarmVille Valentine's redeemable prizes (seriously, that Valentine's goat was cute, but just how many am I going to buy?), a new batch of prizes make an appearance in the game. So for those of you who've stuffed your Mailbox full of Valentines, you can also redeem them for the following:

farmville valentine gifts updated

Pecking Ducks- 75 Valentines
Pigs in Love - 100 Valentines
3 Hearts Fountain - 125 Valentines
Pink Patch Cow - 150 Valentines
Chocolate Fountain - 200 Valentines
Eiffel Tower - 275 Valentines

And, as an added bonus. once you hit 500 Valentines, you'll be able to add this fetching hot pink swan to your farm.

farmville pink swan

I've got my eye on the Chocolate Fountain and the Eiffel Tower. How about you? Add comment.
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